July 14, 2011 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 12:56 PM
Remember when you were young and you wanted to be 13, 17, then 21? Not to turn this into a depressing post, but I'm going to be 25 this year. So, I've done research to make me feel older. Sad, I know.

To make you feel older: 
1. The Nirvana CD cover baby is 20
2. All the Hanson boys are married and 2 have kids
3. Seinfeld hasn't been new in 13 years
4. Most people push the "floppy disk" icon to save, but don't know what it is
5. Clarissa, from "Clarissa Explains It All" is 35
6. Teletubbies final episode aired 10 years ago
7. Nelly debuted his "Country Grammar" album in 2000
8. This year my sister, who was born in '93, turned 18
9. Elijah Wood was 18 when cast as Froto-friggin'-Baggins, he is 30 now
10. The Spice Girls are ALL nearing 40
11. So are most of the BackStreet Boys
12. If Rugrats could age... Phil & Lil would be 22
13. Aaliyah died 10 years ago
14. "Boy Meets World" cast is in their 30's
15. Jessica Simpson & Nick have been divorced for over 6 years
16. First Taco Bell Commercial with the Chihuahua was 14 years ago, he died in 2009 I think
17. Surge, the soda... has not been manufactured in 10 years
18. "Home Alone" kid, Macaulay Culkin is 30
19. "Friends" ended 7 years ago

But all that being said, look at what a life I've seen! I've watched great shows go on & off the air, band members live out their dreams if only for a little while.... & of course seen fashions change, and people grow up. In 25 years! I'm treasuring my grandmother right now, Mrs. Thresia Rouse! She's had such an amazing life, has seen so many places, had many experiences & can tell the stories of the changes she's seen in her lifetime. I hope I can do the same, I hope my memory is as sharp. I mean our kids won't know what "rewind" means, nor will they be able to read a paper map or know a life without the computer. Really? Really. They WILL think we're old fashioned cause we keep holding onto that floppy disk (with pure longing for the day-that will never come-where we can see whats on it) or CD, yes CD. Maybe even digital cameras will be obsolete cause of awesome camera phones. (not the fancy photographer kind of course)

But here is what I'm doing to feel young: 
1. Turning the radio up in the car and listen to new music
2. Trying to go on bike rides (see I was Leery)
3. Stop complaining
4. Embracing changes in all aspects... even if it means not pouting if another show goes off the air. Thank you Netflix.
5. Learning from people & experiences
6. Keep updated with the younger folk, whats cool, whats not. (BTW saying "NOT!" After you say something... is totally out. And so is saying, "totally")
7. Being spontaneous
8. Pamper myself every now and then
9. Eat what I'm craving
10. And travel if I have the option

I hope you enjoyed... this is gonna be a great life! Whether or not my boobs are saggin' while watching reruns of "Boy Meets World" whilst children are yelling at me to embrace whatever it is that comes after the thing after Blu-Ray. I hope you can feel younger too! Put a smile on, invite someone over and eat a few fattening foods! ;) This post really took a strange turn, I think for the better.

Creepin up on 25, Queen Lear