January 17, 2013 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 5:54 PM
The Leary's are moving to Florida. We got our orders. We shall be reporting in May to Whiting NAS! Congratulations, good thoughts, and air hugs are accepted via email, snail mail, and facebook.

Next weekend Michael and I (+puppies) are taking a mini trip down to Pensacola to take a look at the area, some homes and you know... go to the beach and eat some good food. Good thoughts and prayers are appreciated as we need to find a house quickly, need it to be just what we want... close to the beach, not too far from base, etc etc.

I'm going crazy trying to gather all my to-do lists that I've written over the past couple weeks into one daunting list. (there are a lot of little lists) I'm weary of not be able to get it all done the way I want it, having a garage sale, coordinating movers, company, various events, and finally a road trip.

You would think that this was my dream come true because I'm always wanting something to run more efficeiently, and be uber organized... but this whole thing is so unorganized at this point its making my hair fall out.

Ok, not that dramatic, but I'm not having fun yet. Maybe when we HAVE a place to live. Fingers, toes, arms, legs, ponytails crossed.

Any tips for military moves???

Here is to our next adventure.