Michael's Birthday!

November 28, 2011 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 1:00 PM
Welp. This was the BIG 27 for ol' Mike. He says he feels the same... BUT in the same day... I've noticed his driving got worse (a couple u-ies, hit 2 objects in the road, and missed a turn) plus, he almost opted out of a party for the sake of being too tired. He's really showing his age. Phew.

Here is what we did in celebration...

Friday: Michael & I ordered KFC, and he had the long-time coveted mashed potato bowl! We opened presents, and made this cookie cake! We sung Happy Birthday with all 27 candles (some of which were the trick ones, and while trying to stop them from waxing the entire cake, after he blew em out, I started pulling and stacking... oops. They started lighting in my hand- LOL!!!) I guess that was my payment for making this joke: "Michael, I don't think we don't even need the lights on in the house with this many candles lit!" hehe.

Saturday: Michael got the car he's always wanted on his actual birthday (we got a great deal-even tho we are poor, we couldn't pass it up!) Michael had been praying for various specs on this car for QUITE some time and his prayers were answered! Not only his specs... but better ones. Close to our house. Low miles. in our low price range. and all the little extras he wanted! Plus, heated seats for the wife. :) God is good. (and here he is hugging little cobalt)

Saturday #2: We went to a SS party where Michael (much to his chagrin) stood atop a large stone and was serenaded by our friends over s'mores and coca-cola. Perfect.

Happy Birthday, Michael.


Ruthie's 2nd Birthday!

November 23, 2011 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 9:43 AM

Like I said in my last dog birthday blog... we are those people who treat therir dogs as humans, until we as a couple make more humans. :) So... here it is, yet another birthday for the Roopster.

I made her a hat as well... I thought it appropriate to make it a princess hat. We put two candles in her Ceaser Treat, and sang her the Happy Birthday Song! She did quite well, but when we couldn't get JUST the right picture we had to wipe up the drool. Isn't she lovely?

Love my puffies.

Book Review

November 3, 2011 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 9:07 AM
I don't know about you... but when I was in college I really only read ONE book. And by ONE, I mean ONE. I didn't really delve into textbooks, or more than skim anything I was given. I liked college, not school. But hey, B's are good. ;) That ONE... I read cover to cover. That book was: "Angels and Demons" I had to read it and do a book report of sorts. It was awesome.

I just finished "The Help" and I'm planning on renting the movie from Blockbuster soon, or going to see it at the cheap show if its still there. I can only imagine how clean my house would be if I had "help." #sittingwaitingwishing. #nevergonnahappen.

Confession time!
I had a New Years resolution for 2011 that had me reading one books a  month. Which in 2010 I killed at! This year I've fallen behind.  

Here is my list:
  • Mennonite in a Little Black Dress
  • Heaven is For Real
  • The Name of This Book is Secret
  • Little Bee
  • Flowers for Algernon
  • The Help
  • Sarah's Key
  • Twilight Series (just started book 1)
  • Second Chances
  • Never Let Me Go
  • The Book Theif
  • Fahrenheit 451 (never read it) 
  • Snowflower and the Secret Fan
  • Girls Guide to Million Dollar Business (among a couple other business books)
  • Cutting for Stone
  • Glass Castle
  • Secret Lives of Dresses
  • Water for Elephants
  • Little Women
  • The Secret Garden
  • The Bluest Eye
  • The Secret of Chanel No.5
  • 1984
  • Hunger Games Series ( I plan to read this AGAIN before the movies start)
What are you reading? What do you suggest for me to read? I love book club.

-Queen Lear