December 14, 2011 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 1:07 PM
Hey All!

Michael and I have been out of the blogging loop for a bit it would seem. We were definitely late to jump on the "what are you thankful for" bandwagon, and now its December 14. Holy friggin' crap, time flies. So, in an effort to get back into the blogisphere... here are some recent thoughts from the Leary household:
  1. We can't believe its our 3rd Christmas together. Much less Christmas time at all. (we need to get it together and finish up shopping - only two more presents to buy!)
  2. Emily should not use Orajel. Numbing one side of the pie hole, uncomfortable. Accidentally toungin' the injury = numb tongue = drool covered pillow in the A.M. Not sexy.
  3. I need to remind Snazzylime not to take on more then 2 weddings that take place in December, for fear of losing it, and inevitably showing up to our holiday parties giftless.  (but Holiday cards, bring it! Had lots this year!)
  4. Don't buy jackets with fake pockets. Super annoying. 
  5. I need at least 7 hours of sleep to function. Sometimes I get more. I'm not ready for a child. 
  6. Every Christmas tree needs some bling. Scratch that... every Christmas tree, AND every house.
  7. Dinner parties are great.
  8. Going to Holiday parties with Dirty Santa-fun. Going to 6 Holiday Parties with Dirty Santa-not fun. I can only take in so much junk before knockin' the lights out of some unsuspecting soul at the Dollar Tree. 
  9. Benny reminds us a little of Manny from Modern Family. We like to imagine that if he could take on a human persona, that would be it. We have yet to figure out who Ruthie is. Any opinions/thoughts/musings on that would be greatly appreciated. :) That is, if you can gather some bits of personality from photos or short visits. 
  10. If we like you, you'll be getting our Christmas card. If you don't, we ran out of stamps. But we still like you. #dontcry
Thanks for reading... posting some pictures of Queen&King Lear from a fun photo shoot we had with J Hodges Photography soon! :) Yaay. (and please disregard the bags under our was a 730am activity)

-Queen&King Lear

Give thanks.

December 7, 2011 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 11:39 AM
This past month people on Facebook were naming something they were thankful for EVERYDAY! By the time my idiot self realized what was frequenting my news feed, it was too late to start my own list.

So, in honor of November and having previously done nothing but eat TURKEY as far as giving thanks... here goes: the learylog list of things to be thankful for.

1. Very dramatic women in my family to keep things interesting.
2. Videos on you tube and AFV for the constant entertainment.
3. Mexican food (i.e. the white cheese)
4. Sunglasses. Nobody likes crows-feet.
5. White fudge covered Oreos.
6. Ben & Jerry's NY Super Fudge Chunk
7. Speaking of chocolate... chocolate.
8. A big ole warm fluffy bed.
9. Clothes to cover our secrets. Clothes in general.
10. A dishwasher.
11. Michael being happy at his job - flyin' airplanes, nbd. Emily being happy at hers. (free massages, what up!)
12. Healthy-ness. Even though we don't work out much, or run places... we eat our veggies, and drink airborne. We could be better, I'll admit... but now its too cold to take a jog. (this kind a talk is for new years)
13. Glitter.
14. My dogs. Where I can be by myself - but never be alone. :) #bff
15. Snazzylime - creativity, what being a business starter upper has taught me, who I've met in the process, my samples, paper, and more!
16. Hugs.
17. Great friends from home, great friends in OKC.
18. Texting abbreviations. (lol - bff - nbd!!!)
19. Books. Books to movies. Movies.
20. All our senses. (see, hear, touch, smell, and taste [esp taste])
21. Air conditioning. hello.
22. Disney.
23. Having great memories from each of our pasts.
24. Education, freedom, America, opportunities.
25. Rock n' Roll.
26. Socks.
27. The internet (Pinterest) / email / Facebook. (I STILL check FB 5x a day. Just like college days.)
28. Shoes. omgosh, Shoes. omgosh, Shoes.
29. Hot water.
30. A great church. A great God. And a great life he's blessed us with.

We really do have many things to be thankful for - I could go on and on. #sigh

-Queen&King Lear

Michael's Birthday!

November 28, 2011 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 1:00 PM
Welp. This was the BIG 27 for ol' Mike. He says he feels the same... BUT in the same day... I've noticed his driving got worse (a couple u-ies, hit 2 objects in the road, and missed a turn) plus, he almost opted out of a party for the sake of being too tired. He's really showing his age. Phew.

Here is what we did in celebration...

Friday: Michael & I ordered KFC, and he had the long-time coveted mashed potato bowl! We opened presents, and made this cookie cake! We sung Happy Birthday with all 27 candles (some of which were the trick ones, and while trying to stop them from waxing the entire cake, after he blew em out, I started pulling and stacking... oops. They started lighting in my hand- LOL!!!) I guess that was my payment for making this joke: "Michael, I don't think we don't even need the lights on in the house with this many candles lit!" hehe.

Saturday: Michael got the car he's always wanted on his actual birthday (we got a great deal-even tho we are poor, we couldn't pass it up!) Michael had been praying for various specs on this car for QUITE some time and his prayers were answered! Not only his specs... but better ones. Close to our house. Low miles. in our low price range. and all the little extras he wanted! Plus, heated seats for the wife. :) God is good. (and here he is hugging little cobalt)

Saturday #2: We went to a SS party where Michael (much to his chagrin) stood atop a large stone and was serenaded by our friends over s'mores and coca-cola. Perfect.

Happy Birthday, Michael.


Ruthie's 2nd Birthday!

November 23, 2011 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 9:43 AM

Like I said in my last dog birthday blog... we are those people who treat therir dogs as humans, until we as a couple make more humans. :) So... here it is, yet another birthday for the Roopster.

I made her a hat as well... I thought it appropriate to make it a princess hat. We put two candles in her Ceaser Treat, and sang her the Happy Birthday Song! She did quite well, but when we couldn't get JUST the right picture we had to wipe up the drool. Isn't she lovely?

Love my puffies.

Book Review

November 3, 2011 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 9:07 AM
I don't know about you... but when I was in college I really only read ONE book. And by ONE, I mean ONE. I didn't really delve into textbooks, or more than skim anything I was given. I liked college, not school. But hey, B's are good. ;) That ONE... I read cover to cover. That book was: "Angels and Demons" I had to read it and do a book report of sorts. It was awesome.

I just finished "The Help" and I'm planning on renting the movie from Blockbuster soon, or going to see it at the cheap show if its still there. I can only imagine how clean my house would be if I had "help." #sittingwaitingwishing. #nevergonnahappen.

Confession time!
I had a New Years resolution for 2011 that had me reading one books a  month. Which in 2010 I killed at! This year I've fallen behind.  

Here is my list:
  • Mennonite in a Little Black Dress
  • Heaven is For Real
  • The Name of This Book is Secret
  • Little Bee
  • Flowers for Algernon
  • The Help
  • Sarah's Key
  • Twilight Series (just started book 1)
  • Second Chances
  • Never Let Me Go
  • The Book Theif
  • Fahrenheit 451 (never read it) 
  • Snowflower and the Secret Fan
  • Girls Guide to Million Dollar Business (among a couple other business books)
  • Cutting for Stone
  • Glass Castle
  • Secret Lives of Dresses
  • Water for Elephants
  • Little Women
  • The Secret Garden
  • The Bluest Eye
  • The Secret of Chanel No.5
  • 1984
  • Hunger Games Series ( I plan to read this AGAIN before the movies start)
What are you reading? What do you suggest for me to read? I love book club.

-Queen Lear

Halloween Costume News!

October 27, 2011 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 10:54 AM

Wanted to share this interesting article with you - It's about a group of college students in Ohio trying to end racially insensitive Halloween costumes this year. Pretty interesting take on Halloween! And a great Slogan - "We are a culture, not a costume."

You can view their website STARS*. And check out the articles ABC News, & CBC NEWS.

I don't know what I want o be for Halloween... prob nothing since we will not be going to a party this year!!! We are booked SOLID this upcoming weekend.We shall see.

-Queen Lear

Inspiration needed.

October 17, 2011 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 2:26 PM
Not so long ago... I mentioned in a post that I would post some pictures for inspiration.

This is ONE of the side tables I'm working with. (I have 2) I'm fishing for some creative color choices, and/or ideas for these. Isn't it cute?! I see such potential. Even cuter for $45 bucks for the pair. (auction) We really need to find an auction here in Oklahoma... I can't wait to once again wave my little white flag (or paddle) in solid NON SURRENDER!

Any cute photos you have found online or from diggin deep in your creative minds would be nice too. I'm planning to start in January with the refinish. Looking forward to hearing your ideas. :) I also snagged these four lovelies (below) a couple weekends ago at a garage sale in my neighborhood. AWESOME. A little leather conditioner is all they need.  :) They are now in my kitchen.


Speaking of family....

October 11, 2011 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 8:10 AM
We had a busy September...lots of visitors!

Labor day weekend - Aunt Deb came to visit from St. Louis. We had bunches of fun. Girl time, relaxing, shoppin' a little, eatin' a lot, (and by a lot, I mean its highly probable that I never went a minute without chewing something) and I took her to see Shakespeare in the park! (I think I had mentioned this before, but Michael met one of the actors from the show at church the day after we had gone on our stay-cation... and I met him at Starbucks! He happily served me my chai latte-extra chai) 

Weekend of my b-day [SEPT 19] - My parents, sister and her man came to visit from St. Louis. Not to mention the adorable face of my nephew, Warner. I had sidewalk chalk, glow stick bracelets, sparklers, and the Oklahoma State Fair waiting for him. We had such a great time! On Sunday I had to go to a meeting at work, and I was gone about 2 hours, and when I came home I was greeted with pink balloons ALL over my living room floor, a princess pinata, a birthday cake, presents, and a lovely dinner! (birthdays are a big deal at the Burns & Leary houses) SURPRISE!!! Twas awesome. What was NOT awesome was that my memory card got fried and I lost almost all pics from the weekend. At least I have some on Michael's phone :(


On Monday night (my actual birthday) We went to the Sanctus Real Concert at the Fair! I was surprised with friends and funnel cake complete with candles! :) It read 21.4 (each year after 21 is an anniversary of my 21st. hehe) Such a great time with friend-zies! 

Last weekend / 1st days of October - In-Laws came to visit from OHIO! They drove, which is quite a feat, and brought me my end tables (that I bought for dirt cheap at an auction there in March) They will go perfectly in the guest room, I will be posting a picture for inspiration soon. :) We did some shopping, ate lots o'food, explored downtown, and showed them around other parts of OKC! Such a great time with the in-laws. I'm looking forward to seeing them again in a few weeks for Michael's sisters wedding!

I love September. Its not hot, its got my birthday, and of course I have always loved the first day of school. Maybe its the smell of pencil shavings or new friends, (not the smell of new friends, but HAVING the potential of new friends) new tennishoes, or jackets.... I'm not sure. But I love it. I cant wait til my future kiddos have a school supply list and I get to buy notebooks and binders and pencil boxes.

Signed, busy busy bees.

a long long time ago.

October 7, 2011 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 2:34 PM
we have magazines in our bathroom.
one day, while i was doing my business I was browsing.
i was flipping through a hallmark magazine.
i found this:

it says,
"Ten Things We Love About Fall"
  1. It's the perfect time to celebrate the end of swimsuit season with a big cookie.
  2. Oh look...the hills got all dressed up.
  3. It's OK to shave your legs every other day.
  4. Snugglier pants then corduroys have yet to be invented.
  5. Pumpkin is some sort of vegetable, right? So, that makes pumpkin pie health food, right?
  6. Listen. Do you hear that? That's the sound of quiet after the kids go back to school.
  7. Touch football makes everyone feel like an athlete.
  8. The Christmas catalogs are here! Time for the credit cards to come out of hibernation.
  9. Half of a powdered donut is just the right size to dunk in a mug of coffee. Science triumphs again!
  10. Only you know that your toenails are polished in your very favorite color." -Bill Gray
isn't it great?
this magazine was from 2004.
that was before i graduated HS.
apparently there was something in this magazine i wanted to save.
i will keep it still.
and we need to update the magazines in the basket.
ah, fall.
this weather makes me want to take up a hobby.
or do more crafty things. #thankyoupintrest
maybe i will take up underwater basket weaving.
or something else. 

Dining Out

October 6, 2011 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 11:39 AM
No, this is not a post about going out to eat... although we do that a lot.

Michael and I had to go to a Military event the other Saturday night, CALLED the "Dining Out." Got to see a lot of the other wives that I hadn't seen in a while (even though I'm on the board - i still feel out of the loop sometimes) and I got to get all dressed up again. It was at the Petroleum Club in OKC, apperently its pretty exclusive. Who knew. None the less .  .  . Good salad, good meat, good dessert, good coffee, and good friends. yaay. :) Here are some photos.

-Queen&King Lear


October 4, 2011 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 6:59 AM
In recent days, I found yet another sumthin sumthin on Pintrest that I was dying to try! Homemade Dog Treats. I figured this would save us some money, so I did the math. Here it is:

One bag o' beggin strips or another type of treat with comparable amounts of treats, approx $4. And you get about half a bag of air, sometimes we tear the strips and get a lot more out of the bag, but for the posts sake, lets say, we have about 25 treats for 4 buckaroos. Yes?

Homemade dog treats: Total cost: $12.50
Applesauce $1.50
Olive Oil (already on hand) less then 50 cents, so $.50
Milk (already on hand) less than 50 cents, so $.50
Coconut $3
Oats $3
Organic Peanut Butter $4
Flour & Baking Powder (already on hand) - less then 50 cents, so $.50

Turns out my recipe, makes 90 treats. 90. I can make treats 3 more times with the stuff already bought, I will have to replenish say the PB but nothing else (small quantities of the ingredients, see). Thats 360 treats for approx: $16.50 (having replenished the PB)

360 treats at 4 bucks for 25.... $57.60 really? and the dogs love the PB! I'm never going back.

Signed, Savin.
-Queen&King Lear


September 23, 2011 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 7:40 PM
This details my most recent conversation with a Jack in the Box drive through worker. Many drive through conversations go by fast without any real significance, and quickly forgotten. Its entertaining when you get a... "lemon" so to speak. Let me set this up for you: Jack in the Box, Edmond. Emily. Michael is on the phone. Getting a late dinner.

Clerk: "Hi, What can I get for you today?" (so far so good)

Emily: "Hi, I would like a number 6, with a coke and curly fries." (reasonable answer to her question. I told her what I wanted with enough detail to propel me through the drive through lickety-split, or so I thought.) 

Clerk: (30 seconds later) "Okay, would you like the meal?"

Emily: "Yes, the number 6."

Clerk: "So, (drawn out and confused) you don't just want the sandwich? (insert laughter from Michael here)

Emily: "No, I would like the number 6 with a coke and curly fries."

Clerk: "Ok, what would you like to drink?"

Emily: "Coke." (now laughing. out loud. I'm sure she can hear me, but is oblivious)

Clerk: "Great. Would you like regular fries or curly fries?" (seriously?)

Emily: "Curly." (barely audible through my laughter and Michael's "oh my word." through the speaker phone.) 

So, ten minutes later I'm at the first window face to face with the "lemon," What do I do? I giggle on the inside and hand her my money. I move on to the next window - grab my bag - check and see if I do in fact have a "number 6 with a coke and curly fries." I do. That's all it took... 10 minutes and a friggin' game of 20 questions. Are you kidding me?

I can't wait til I to go back and have 2 orders.

Stumped, Queen&King Lear

Tuckered out.

September 20, 2011 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 12:13 PM
Worth posting... 

This is Michael parents dog, Tucker. He wanted to be my boyfriend the weekend that we were in Ohio this past winter. He was constantly sitting, or jumping on me, climbing under my legs. (he's not a small dog) And he frequently got the "buzz" from his parents for about knocking me over. I didn't mind that much - it was cute. But he did weigh as much as I did then. holy dog.

We did take a nap together, which was pleasant. I'm pretty sure if I had moved as little as half an inch it would have been carpets for me. (get it?)

Michael's parents are coming to visit us at the beginning of October... and we will be heading north for his sisters wedding in November! I'm excited, plus I know Tucker is having Emily withdraws. :)

-Queen&King Lear


September 15, 2011 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 9:08 AM
Yes. This happened. We put both our dogs in the pool to see what they would do.  

Benny: Was pretty good, we think he liked being in there, but near me. He looks like he has webbed feet! I did strand him on the raft at one point, he gave me the evil eye the whole time. I don't think he will mind heading in there again. Sweet Benny boy.

Ruthie: She will swim - for survival only. She gave no passing thought to the fact that she was using my leg and Michael's as a springboard out of the pool. (which look pretty beaten up I must say) She just wanted out. She flug herself every which way to exit. Not cool, Ruth. Not cool.

It was kind of funny seeing em in there, we gave em baths that day and watched movies inside away from the heat - such a good day at home! Until next summer when we will force aquatic fun on them once again! (Yes, Leary pool school will be closing) I don't want summer to end... I just want the 100+ temperatures to stop! However, I'm looking forward to fall - crisp air, and jackets, and boots. :)

Makes me miss college. Ol' Olivet.

Signing off, Queen&King Lear