September 23, 2011 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 7:40 PM
This details my most recent conversation with a Jack in the Box drive through worker. Many drive through conversations go by fast without any real significance, and quickly forgotten. Its entertaining when you get a... "lemon" so to speak. Let me set this up for you: Jack in the Box, Edmond. Emily. Michael is on the phone. Getting a late dinner.

Clerk: "Hi, What can I get for you today?" (so far so good)

Emily: "Hi, I would like a number 6, with a coke and curly fries." (reasonable answer to her question. I told her what I wanted with enough detail to propel me through the drive through lickety-split, or so I thought.) 

Clerk: (30 seconds later) "Okay, would you like the meal?"

Emily: "Yes, the number 6."

Clerk: "So, (drawn out and confused) you don't just want the sandwich? (insert laughter from Michael here)

Emily: "No, I would like the number 6 with a coke and curly fries."

Clerk: "Ok, what would you like to drink?"

Emily: "Coke." (now laughing. out loud. I'm sure she can hear me, but is oblivious)

Clerk: "Great. Would you like regular fries or curly fries?" (seriously?)

Emily: "Curly." (barely audible through my laughter and Michael's "oh my word." through the speaker phone.) 

So, ten minutes later I'm at the first window face to face with the "lemon," What do I do? I giggle on the inside and hand her my money. I move on to the next window - grab my bag - check and see if I do in fact have a "number 6 with a coke and curly fries." I do. That's all it took... 10 minutes and a friggin' game of 20 questions. Are you kidding me?

I can't wait til I to go back and have 2 orders.

Stumped, Queen&King Lear

Tuckered out.

September 20, 2011 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 12:13 PM
Worth posting... 

This is Michael parents dog, Tucker. He wanted to be my boyfriend the weekend that we were in Ohio this past winter. He was constantly sitting, or jumping on me, climbing under my legs. (he's not a small dog) And he frequently got the "buzz" from his parents for about knocking me over. I didn't mind that much - it was cute. But he did weigh as much as I did then. holy dog.

We did take a nap together, which was pleasant. I'm pretty sure if I had moved as little as half an inch it would have been carpets for me. (get it?)

Michael's parents are coming to visit us at the beginning of October... and we will be heading north for his sisters wedding in November! I'm excited, plus I know Tucker is having Emily withdraws. :)

-Queen&King Lear


September 15, 2011 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 9:08 AM
Yes. This happened. We put both our dogs in the pool to see what they would do.  

Benny: Was pretty good, we think he liked being in there, but near me. He looks like he has webbed feet! I did strand him on the raft at one point, he gave me the evil eye the whole time. I don't think he will mind heading in there again. Sweet Benny boy.

Ruthie: She will swim - for survival only. She gave no passing thought to the fact that she was using my leg and Michael's as a springboard out of the pool. (which look pretty beaten up I must say) She just wanted out. She flug herself every which way to exit. Not cool, Ruth. Not cool.

It was kind of funny seeing em in there, we gave em baths that day and watched movies inside away from the heat - such a good day at home! Until next summer when we will force aquatic fun on them once again! (Yes, Leary pool school will be closing) I don't want summer to end... I just want the 100+ temperatures to stop! However, I'm looking forward to fall - crisp air, and jackets, and boots. :)

Makes me miss college. Ol' Olivet.

Signing off, Queen&King Lear

Twenty Minutes

September 13, 2011 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 10:56 AM
Extra time. What can be done? Should I rest? Eat? Clean? A quick errand?

What can I do with 20 extra minutes...
  1. Run to the bank to deposit some snazzy money. (Almost my favorite thing on the list)
  2. Pick up the house, aka a quick "toss it!" rampage. Michael gets nervous on these rampages.
  3. Wipe down the kitchen. (insert cleaning lady here - oh wait)
  4. Catch up on emails from the day
  5. Write tomorrows to-do list, (would take 5 minutes) Then 15 minutes of trying to remember the one thing I thought of earlier during the other thing that I had to do today. 
  6. Watch an already recorded episode of American Dad, these are so short its like a joke.
  7. Organize the laundry... to be started in the morning.
  8. Whip up dinner. (just me? Cereal and OJ. Michael too? Whatever we feel like eating, sometimes this means grapes, ice cream (B&J NY Super Fudge Chunk please) or some eggs or something else we can whip up in a jiffy - we are healthy eaters, can you tell?)
  9. Rock out to j.bieb in the tanning bed (and by rock, I mean literally dance or wiggle to the beat [of my heart] while I get bronzed)
  10. Go for a walk... with or without dogs.
Its ironic that I write about what to do with my frequently occurring 20 extra minutes, & its taken me about that long to write this. So, what would you do if you had 20 minutes?

Signed, Eager

All Shaken Up

September 8, 2011 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 8:43 AM

I had an experience. One of minimal significance-large scale. But none the less blog worthy. 

I tan at Riviera Tanning Spa... a deal, all types of beds, free spray tans, deals on lotions; the works. They also have this thing (above) called the beauty angel. Before I get to the funny part of my story, I will tell you the benefits of the beauty angel (almost direct text from a website):
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles & improves uneven skin tone
  • Lessens the effects of environmental influences 
  • Vibration therapy to stimulate body & create skin rejuvenation & muscle toning
Yesterday after work I head next door to tan. One of my friends had tried the beauty angel & said, (among other things) "...you should try it!" So the clerk tells me more about it. She spits out all the above & of course it sounds great... I'm excited. I ask her more about the vibration, I'm leery of this. She assures me it's quite mild, & I proceed into the capsule. #please.remove.dignity.now

Soooo, I'm in. It starts. To the defense of the clerk, vibrations were mild, but I thought it was too mild. I amped it up. #dumb.move. BUT I was in the warm up phase... it only got worse!

Sidenote: Whilst in the capsule you are either naked, or in undergarments. You should be able to go in there with a snow suit-you don't wanna see what I saw. 

The "voice" tells you not to lock your knees, so I'm in there, holding on to the straps, all loose, and shakin' like crazy. Jiggle fest supreme. I keep telling myself, "dont look down. dont look down." AH! I looked down! NOOOO! In the red light, skin looks yellowish, & I can see & feel parts of my body shake that I didn't know COULD shake! Seriously. Mortifying, & it was JUST ME. I'm no longer friends with that girl. jk.

All shaken up, Queen Lear

I try to be crafty

September 3, 2011 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 7:55 AM
Pintrest. Enough said. My "craft love" board (get on Pintrest, you will know what that is) is becoming overwhelming because there is more posted then I have time for. This is a recent project inspired by one of my likes. :) I took a quote from Shakespeare's, "King Lear" and hung it in my living room. The others had wedding dates, or "Mr. & Mrs." on em... I'm over that stuff.

What do you think? Its hanging in my living room. I think it suits us. :)

signed, arty.

EBL married a rockstar

September 1, 2011 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 8:40 AM
[Leary Log Fact: If you frequent this blog, you may have to endure some Military lingo. Don't worry, I don't know much, & plus I think some of the acronyms are made up. JK] 

Michael & a guy from his squadron [military word] have been getting to know each other this summer... they bonded over a couple geetars, an airplane & a radio. Since this friendship sparked Michael has been going on about participating in open mike nights, dinner party entertainment, etc. I have only seen Michael on stage in photos (oh, and one time @ karaoke). He was in an awesome band in college. Joshua's Wall.

Sidenote: I think their myspace page is still up, if you find it, listen to: "Live Like Love" and "1742" :) 

Back to blog. I write all this not only to share with you how awesome Michael is but to share with you THIS PHOTO! And tell you that I think I'm looking forward to open mike night as much as Michael, it will be fun to see him on stage rockin' out.

Looks like a rockstar, huh?
Signed, a groupie