The Leary Line-Up

July 8, 2011 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 6:11 PM

Well, this is us. All of us... we are not hiding any more dogs, fish or cats (ew) in the closets, nor am i cunningly masking a baby bump. Michael is a Navy Pilot, stationed at Tinker AFB, he flies the E-6. I now work at a spa as a receptionist/manager, and I started my own invitation business last year, Snazzylime. Ruthie works as guardian of the backyard (from squirrels, birds and the like)... and Benny works as her faithful sidekick. [Benny is named after Benny "the jet" Rodriguez from my favorite movie, The Sandlot.]

So far, things are going pretty well for us! We have much to be thankful for; jobs, a home, cars, dogs, a great church, a few extra bucks to dine out every now and again, and of course our families from home and friends, old and new!

When we are hangin out at home I like to be working on a house project which could be refinishing something, or organizing something. Michael has a collection of guitars he strums. Its nice to have back ground music :) We like to try new places to eat and doing different things around OKC. Much to my surprise, I like it here... it's quieter then St. Louis, MO (where I'm from) but louder then Jefferson, OH (where Michael's from) so I guess we met in the middle. How quaint.

Well, that's all for now... Thanks for reading! I don't know what will come of this blog, but we're here, this is us. 

Signing off... Queen&King Lear