July 29, 2011 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 2:46 PM
We were searching the internet the other night... and we were on a mission. A mission to find out the AIRDATES of our shows this season. I'm (Emily) falling apart. I am empty from not having a regular show to watch besides Jimmy Fallon. At least we tape everything, so I'm not scheduling my life around the shows, at least. Any other shows you watch that are funny, or we should check out... let us know. We are open to most things funny, silly, dramatic, etc. ;)

I try to catch these when they are new:
  1. Grey's Anatomy (which I didn't really get into until ssn 5-I'm not going to watch the other seasons, I catch enough re-runs on Lifetime to get the jist, so don't force me)
  2. Private Practice, cause who doesn't love another doctor drama with the beautiful and handsome?
  3. Project Runway. I don't need to explain this one. Its just awesome.
  4. Jersey Shore. Don't judge. It's funny to watch people in their non-lives. (but really I would like it if a camera man followed me around for $100,000 an episode, not including endorsements and club appearances. holy. freakin. cow.) 
  5. Modern Family, and Happy Endings. (If you haven't watched Happy Endings, its like a FRIENDS, except there is a interracial relationship, so its saucy, lol. jk. but for real its funny ;)
  6. How I Met Your Mother (they make bunches of fun of Canadians-Sorry Rachel)
  7. Glee-duh.
  8. I want to start watching a couple new shows: Up All Night, & Pan Am. 
  9. And we always watch Jimmy Fallon. He kills us with his funny.  
    We have watched an episode of Dexter, not our thing... 30 Rock, OK.... and Swamp People. Yes, Swamp people. All those are ones we don't really watch. And I'm not all that into reality shows, besides runway, jersey... and sometimes the Kardashians. 
      We have a problem don't we? Now none of these shows will EVER replace shows like Bewitched, Wonder Years, or Boy Meets World (do i have a Savage fetish?) in my book... those are the classics. But they do offer a certain value of entertainment that I must say... is culturally appealing. The worlds a changin.


      July 22, 2011 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 5:18 PM
      Murda! Murder. I witnessed a murder.... not of the traditional sense, as in a murder of a human being but a murder none the less!

      I was walking across the living room to the kitchen when I heard a loud thump on the back door and when I turned I saw something DROP. Oh no. With my luck right now, there will be something DEAD on my back porch. I won't know what to do with that!

      So, I go to see what it is, and I see a hawk. A hawk pacing the back porch watching as the other bird (the one that hit my door and is now on my porch) lay dying. I realize what the hawk is after and grab the hanging plant off the porch! You see the dead bird was a momma protecting her babies, which were in the nest in my plant!! So, I shooed off the hawk with a broom to keep him from the momma and I scooted her under a chair, lol. That is until Michael comes home tonight to help me deal with this.

      Stupid hawk. Stupid nature. I cried a little. I brought the eggs in and did some research on how to care for them until I can find someplace to take them. It's so upsetting.... there's a lot about the animal world I don't know, and won't want to know because it will make me upset, but I had been looking out for the eggs and momma for a week now! Maybe that was dumb. It was a little bit of a heartbreak to see her go. Who knew I had a bleeding heart for these babies? Has the safe haven spell been lifted? (see FarmHouse) I have since buried the bird and the eggs because NO ONE would take them and the said without the momma they most likely wouldn't hatch. oh. woe.

      -Queen&King Lear

      Farm House

      July 20, 2011 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 12:04 PM
      A farm house in its simplest form is where animals are collected... Although I have collected 2 dogs, I DO NOT I repeat DO NOT collect animals. I want NO one dropping of a goat, pig, or a chicken. I will not take it.

      All that being said... my house has become a safe haven of sorts for what I will call the neighborhood ecosystem. As you will see, we have a couple of birdie eggs in my hanging plant in the backyard, a cat loungin on the front porch, and a frog that faithfully guards the front of the house. Also, shortly after we moved in in 2009, we found a big black lab chillin in our backyard.
      What is it about this house that does this?! I don't mind, I think it's kind of cute. But still... me being the least likely to ever live on an actual farm... why me?

      Adventures in Bargains

      July 18, 2011 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 1:26 PM
      We've heard much about so-called bargain shops around OKC. So we decided to take this past Friday and check em out. There are a bunches of antique shops, and gifty boutiques, which are great! But like any American girl I thoroughly enjoy me a good bargain. 
      First we stopped for brunch at First Watch to use our recently acquired Groupon. I had hastily bought this Groupon because I had been to a First Watch in KC. It is so good! If you have a First Watch near you. Go. Then go tell other people about it.
      Then we headed to Walls, which has shoes by Cole Haan, Michael Kors, and all that... but you gotta dig, And I must say, some parts of the store are pretty raggedy, and weird as far as the variety. When I say raggedy, I mean a tad dumpy, and by dumpy I mean you might not want to go there alone. But I'm all for going back oneday, to see what else they have to sell me. While we were there, I found a great dress I will wear to a Christmas party, and they also had baby supplies. (See what I mean by weird) So, I snagged some diapers and wipes for CHEAP for the neph. BARGAIN. That was it in there... thought we would find more... but another day, another dollar.

      Yes, when we left Walls, they told us to "Have a cheap Day!" I'm not sure how I feel about this... but its clear how the face feels. Used.
      Next we went to Half of Half! Which I've been to while I was living in KC. Another dumpy place, but they do have a few treasures! You just gotta dig, and you gotta be in the mood. I found a great blue dress that I plan to wear to a nice dinner when we go to Dallas with friends in August. Its a great cobalt blue, with a flowy top. Oooh. Plus I found 2 tops that were LOFT! Awesome. And Michael found a couple shirts too! Dealio! Or shall I say, BARGAIN.
      This store, STASH... is NOT a bargain shop, plus its kind of hipster-ish. Which I am not. But I did like some of the things they had posted on their Facebook wall so we went, and we were able to get a couple little inexpensive things to hang on the walls at home. Plus, there was a mustache on the bag they sent me home with.
      STASH was in Norman, OK... which is kind of far from our house. And when I say kinda, I mean really far away. So, we decided to drive around a bit and play. These are just a couple things we found: a set of concrete walls with Oklahoma memorabilia and pictures on it, and some really cool glasses! :) I'm sure my mom had glasses like mine. But she had 'em in various colors. The red ones she had were my favorite. They were all the rage. If the huge sunglasses of today were clear... this is what you would look like. Something to think about? HA.

      Anyways, I hope to go on many more adventures in bargains in the future, I have always known, but it  really is hard to resist a TJMAXX or Marshall's. Hope you enjoyed... and I hope to share many more bargain hunting finds with you!

      -Queen&King Lear


      July 14, 2011 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 12:56 PM
      Remember when you were young and you wanted to be 13, 17, then 21? Not to turn this into a depressing post, but I'm going to be 25 this year. So, I've done research to make me feel older. Sad, I know.

      To make you feel older: 
      1. The Nirvana CD cover baby is 20
      2. All the Hanson boys are married and 2 have kids
      3. Seinfeld hasn't been new in 13 years
      4. Most people push the "floppy disk" icon to save, but don't know what it is
      5. Clarissa, from "Clarissa Explains It All" is 35
      6. Teletubbies final episode aired 10 years ago
      7. Nelly debuted his "Country Grammar" album in 2000
      8. This year my sister, who was born in '93, turned 18
      9. Elijah Wood was 18 when cast as Froto-friggin'-Baggins, he is 30 now
      10. The Spice Girls are ALL nearing 40
      11. So are most of the BackStreet Boys
      12. If Rugrats could age... Phil & Lil would be 22
      13. Aaliyah died 10 years ago
      14. "Boy Meets World" cast is in their 30's
      15. Jessica Simpson & Nick have been divorced for over 6 years
      16. First Taco Bell Commercial with the Chihuahua was 14 years ago, he died in 2009 I think
      17. Surge, the soda... has not been manufactured in 10 years
      18. "Home Alone" kid, Macaulay Culkin is 30
      19. "Friends" ended 7 years ago

      But all that being said, look at what a life I've seen! I've watched great shows go on & off the air, band members live out their dreams if only for a little while.... & of course seen fashions change, and people grow up. In 25 years! I'm treasuring my grandmother right now, Mrs. Thresia Rouse! She's had such an amazing life, has seen so many places, had many experiences & can tell the stories of the changes she's seen in her lifetime. I hope I can do the same, I hope my memory is as sharp. I mean our kids won't know what "rewind" means, nor will they be able to read a paper map or know a life without the computer. Really? Really. They WILL think we're old fashioned cause we keep holding onto that floppy disk (with pure longing for the day-that will never come-where we can see whats on it) or CD, yes CD. Maybe even digital cameras will be obsolete cause of awesome camera phones. (not the fancy photographer kind of course)

      But here is what I'm doing to feel young: 
      1. Turning the radio up in the car and listen to new music
      2. Trying to go on bike rides (see I was Leery)
      3. Stop complaining
      4. Embracing changes in all aspects... even if it means not pouting if another show goes off the air. Thank you Netflix.
      5. Learning from people & experiences
      6. Keep updated with the younger folk, whats cool, whats not. (BTW saying "NOT!" After you say something... is totally out. And so is saying, "totally")
      7. Being spontaneous
      8. Pamper myself every now and then
      9. Eat what I'm craving
      10. And travel if I have the option

      I hope you enjoyed... this is gonna be a great life! Whether or not my boobs are saggin' while watching reruns of "Boy Meets World" whilst children are yelling at me to embrace whatever it is that comes after the thing after Blu-Ray. I hope you can feel younger too! Put a smile on, invite someone over and eat a few fattening foods! ;) This post really took a strange turn, I think for the better.

      Creepin up on 25, Queen Lear

      I was Leery.

      July 11, 2011 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 8:42 PM
      From being inspired by friends to start blogging to ACTUALLY naming and starting it up... I didn't once think about how infrequently interesting things happen to us. So, this got me worried... its like those times when you aren't looking for love and it creeps up? I realized that things are going to start happening to us. oh. no. That being said, something happened. Nothing big. Don't get your panties in a bunch. ;)

      It was Saturday. I was feeling all motivated to clean the house, take a swim, organize something, or even work out! (It is unusual for Queen Lear to be motivated to exert herself in anyway) so I decided it was nice enough outside to take a bike ride. I grabbed a bottle of water, my phone, and the garage door opener and I went out to the bike, still feeling awesome for having decided to take a ride. Well, as usual the front tire was flat. I started to puff it up, and i couldn't get it working! I tried for 10 minutes, within those 10 minutes having called Michael to see if I was messing up something so DUMB! I was. Finally I figured it out, Michael did not call back, he was busy doing Navy things. So, I'm already frustrated, but still pretty excited about my ride, and now (having had 10 minutes to think about it) I had a goal in mind. I knew where I was heading on my afternoon adventure.

      So, I strapped on my stuff, positioned my sunglasses, got on the bike... and started down the street. I was literally on the thing for 3 minutes, I had adjusted the gears so I would get a medium-sized work out and started hearing something strange, adjusted gears again, and things started happening. After 13 minutes of preparing for the trek, the CHAIN FALLS OFF THE BIKE!!! Are you kidding me?! I was so happy with the wind in my face! And now this!? I couldn't pedal anyway but backwards, and had to take the adventurers "WALK of shame" back around the stinkin' block. The only thing left to do was throw the bike into the garage, and go pout. That will teach me to buy a bike from Recycles Bicycles.

      Needless to say, I will have to wait to take a ride. But something happened, thanks to blogspot. Hope you found it at least somewhat interesting. :)

      Un-exerted, Queen&King Lear

      The Leary Line-Up

      July 8, 2011 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 6:11 PM

      Well, this is us. All of us... we are not hiding any more dogs, fish or cats (ew) in the closets, nor am i cunningly masking a baby bump. Michael is a Navy Pilot, stationed at Tinker AFB, he flies the E-6. I now work at a spa as a receptionist/manager, and I started my own invitation business last year, Snazzylime. Ruthie works as guardian of the backyard (from squirrels, birds and the like)... and Benny works as her faithful sidekick. [Benny is named after Benny "the jet" Rodriguez from my favorite movie, The Sandlot.]

      So far, things are going pretty well for us! We have much to be thankful for; jobs, a home, cars, dogs, a great church, a few extra bucks to dine out every now and again, and of course our families from home and friends, old and new!

      When we are hangin out at home I like to be working on a house project which could be refinishing something, or organizing something. Michael has a collection of guitars he strums. Its nice to have back ground music :) We like to try new places to eat and doing different things around OKC. Much to my surprise, I like it here... it's quieter then St. Louis, MO (where I'm from) but louder then Jefferson, OH (where Michael's from) so I guess we met in the middle. How quaint.

      Well, that's all for now... Thanks for reading! I don't know what will come of this blog, but we're here, this is us. 

      Signing off... Queen&King Lear