July 22, 2011 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 5:18 PM
Murda! Murder. I witnessed a murder.... not of the traditional sense, as in a murder of a human being but a murder none the less!

I was walking across the living room to the kitchen when I heard a loud thump on the back door and when I turned I saw something DROP. Oh no. With my luck right now, there will be something DEAD on my back porch. I won't know what to do with that!

So, I go to see what it is, and I see a hawk. A hawk pacing the back porch watching as the other bird (the one that hit my door and is now on my porch) lay dying. I realize what the hawk is after and grab the hanging plant off the porch! You see the dead bird was a momma protecting her babies, which were in the nest in my plant!! So, I shooed off the hawk with a broom to keep him from the momma and I scooted her under a chair, lol. That is until Michael comes home tonight to help me deal with this.

Stupid hawk. Stupid nature. I cried a little. I brought the eggs in and did some research on how to care for them until I can find someplace to take them. It's so upsetting.... there's a lot about the animal world I don't know, and won't want to know because it will make me upset, but I had been looking out for the eggs and momma for a week now! Maybe that was dumb. It was a little bit of a heartbreak to see her go. Who knew I had a bleeding heart for these babies? Has the safe haven spell been lifted? (see FarmHouse) I have since buried the bird and the eggs because NO ONE would take them and the said without the momma they most likely wouldn't hatch. oh. woe.

-Queen&King Lear