December 14, 2011 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 1:07 PM
Hey All!

Michael and I have been out of the blogging loop for a bit it would seem. We were definitely late to jump on the "what are you thankful for" bandwagon, and now its December 14. Holy friggin' crap, time flies. So, in an effort to get back into the blogisphere... here are some recent thoughts from the Leary household:
  1. We can't believe its our 3rd Christmas together. Much less Christmas time at all. (we need to get it together and finish up shopping - only two more presents to buy!)
  2. Emily should not use Orajel. Numbing one side of the pie hole, uncomfortable. Accidentally toungin' the injury = numb tongue = drool covered pillow in the A.M. Not sexy.
  3. I need to remind Snazzylime not to take on more then 2 weddings that take place in December, for fear of losing it, and inevitably showing up to our holiday parties giftless.  (but Holiday cards, bring it! Had lots this year!)
  4. Don't buy jackets with fake pockets. Super annoying. 
  5. I need at least 7 hours of sleep to function. Sometimes I get more. I'm not ready for a child. 
  6. Every Christmas tree needs some bling. Scratch that... every Christmas tree, AND every house.
  7. Dinner parties are great.
  8. Going to Holiday parties with Dirty Santa-fun. Going to 6 Holiday Parties with Dirty Santa-not fun. I can only take in so much junk before knockin' the lights out of some unsuspecting soul at the Dollar Tree. 
  9. Benny reminds us a little of Manny from Modern Family. We like to imagine that if he could take on a human persona, that would be it. We have yet to figure out who Ruthie is. Any opinions/thoughts/musings on that would be greatly appreciated. :) That is, if you can gather some bits of personality from photos or short visits. 
  10. If we like you, you'll be getting our Christmas card. If you don't, we ran out of stamps. But we still like you. #dontcry
Thanks for reading... posting some pictures of Queen&King Lear from a fun photo shoot we had with J Hodges Photography soon! :) Yaay. (and please disregard the bags under our was a 730am activity)

-Queen&King Lear

Give thanks.

December 7, 2011 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 11:39 AM
This past month people on Facebook were naming something they were thankful for EVERYDAY! By the time my idiot self realized what was frequenting my news feed, it was too late to start my own list.

So, in honor of November and having previously done nothing but eat TURKEY as far as giving thanks... here goes: the learylog list of things to be thankful for.

1. Very dramatic women in my family to keep things interesting.
2. Videos on you tube and AFV for the constant entertainment.
3. Mexican food (i.e. the white cheese)
4. Sunglasses. Nobody likes crows-feet.
5. White fudge covered Oreos.
6. Ben & Jerry's NY Super Fudge Chunk
7. Speaking of chocolate... chocolate.
8. A big ole warm fluffy bed.
9. Clothes to cover our secrets. Clothes in general.
10. A dishwasher.
11. Michael being happy at his job - flyin' airplanes, nbd. Emily being happy at hers. (free massages, what up!)
12. Healthy-ness. Even though we don't work out much, or run places... we eat our veggies, and drink airborne. We could be better, I'll admit... but now its too cold to take a jog. (this kind a talk is for new years)
13. Glitter.
14. My dogs. Where I can be by myself - but never be alone. :) #bff
15. Snazzylime - creativity, what being a business starter upper has taught me, who I've met in the process, my samples, paper, and more!
16. Hugs.
17. Great friends from home, great friends in OKC.
18. Texting abbreviations. (lol - bff - nbd!!!)
19. Books. Books to movies. Movies.
20. All our senses. (see, hear, touch, smell, and taste [esp taste])
21. Air conditioning. hello.
22. Disney.
23. Having great memories from each of our pasts.
24. Education, freedom, America, opportunities.
25. Rock n' Roll.
26. Socks.
27. The internet (Pinterest) / email / Facebook. (I STILL check FB 5x a day. Just like college days.)
28. Shoes. omgosh, Shoes. omgosh, Shoes.
29. Hot water.
30. A great church. A great God. And a great life he's blessed us with.

We really do have many things to be thankful for - I could go on and on. #sigh

-Queen&King Lear