214 Days: ORGANIZE!

October 28, 2012 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 2:40 PM

Right now... we're at the "where to next?" stage on the military life timeline. It's the ever looming uncertainty that's  unfortunate. I'm sure other military wives could vouch for that. For us this stage means we could go, or stay. For whatever May 2013 hold for us, I plan to get organized, and I hope to start now. We're open to moving, even though it would mean leaving our wonderful friends here but we're hopeful about what God has in store for us!

So, I've strapped myself into an organizing fiesta. Michael has never been more THRILLED. For those of you who don't know, that was sarcasm.

During these next 214 days (give or take a few for rest & Holidays, etc) I hope to have our things tidy so that moving won't be as big of a deal as its reputation lets on. I'm not naive. I know it'll be a big job no matter what; we've collected much over the past 3 years! I'd love to make it a teensy bit easier on us when / if the time comes. Plus, if we don't end up packin' up & headin' out, we'll have a newly purged & organized house! Its a win-win. Little things to do here & there, throwing stuff out, cleaning stuff, I can't wait! I will win my made up game. Don't judge me.

This will primarily be my project / game as throwing things away is one of my #favoritepasttimes. However, Michael will help when needed, better yet, when he's available. I think he secretly likes it too. Secretly. Shh.

Sittin. Waitin. Wishin.

A Frog & a Turtle.

October 24, 2012 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 11:44 AM
The other night we were laying in bed, which means my butt is comfortably placed in the huge indent that is, where I always lay. (I'll tell Michael this week that we need to rotate the mattress) Anyhow, you know how a ladie's mind works when we can't fall asleep...we start thinking about what we have to do tomorrow, something we saw on Pinterest, adding things to our grocery list, etc. I was tired, but at this point I was all jazzed about tomorrow.

So, I asked Michael if he was still awake.

ME: Michael, are you still awake?
MICHAEL: (a sluggish yes)
ME: Ugh, I can't fall asleep...
MICHAEL: (sleep noises)
ME: Will you tell me a story? (the benefits of this were two-fold, a good idea to get me to sleep by having my mind on something else, plus it might help me feel young again)
MICHAEL: Uh.... (stirring) What about?
ME: A turtle and a frog.
MICHAEL: (waits a few seconds and starts the story)

Once upon a time there was Frog, and a Turtle, they were best buds. They were always hanging out and one day Turtle, who was slow at many things, leans over to his froggy pal and notices hes got warts. He says, "Dude, I don't think you're a frog. I think you're a toad." Frog is a little annoyed because no one likes being called out for something they can't help. He says, "No, dude I'm totally a frog, my mom told me I was." Turtle thinks a moment and explains in his sensitive manly manner, "You have warts all over your body." 

The frog rolls his eyes, and walks away from his so-called friend, annoyed as you would expect. He needs to get this whole toad thing figured out for good. So, he goes to visit his friend Owl and he asks Owl, "Do you think I'm a frog or a toad?" Owl says, "Who." "Who? Me of course," said Frog. Owl cocks his head again and says, "Who." Frog, getting annoyed even more exclaims, "ME!" And he shakes his head as he walks away.  Clearly that old Owl has lost his marbles.

After a bit Frog comes across his other friend, Deer. He rests a minute while she sips out of the stream, and finally asks the question. "Deer, do you think I'm a frog or a toad?" Deer says, "Oh dear," and sips along. "No. I'm asking you Deer, do you think I'm a frog or a toad?" Then Deer watched Frog as he waits for the answer. Waiting. Waiting. Finally, Frog says "NO, you're the deer, am I a frog or a toad?" "Oh dear," says Deer, utterly confused. "Yea, you're a real dear!" Frog yells sarcastically as she gallops into the woods.

Frog may not have as many friends as he thinks. And I guess he'll never know who he really is, thanks a lot, Turtle. 

I was cracking up at the nonsense that befell my earrios that night. I slept well though thanks to this little diddy. I think we may have to alter the message if it ever becomes a children's book.

Thanks for a husband who doesn't know when he's being funny.


September 24, 2012 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 11:05 AM
Here are some goings on in the Leary home this summer. I've fallen behind on this seeing as my dear ole husby has been out of commission for most of the summer. {disclaimer: has been out of town... he's in perfect health}

Welp, he's back, & I'm drafting posts with much haste. :)

1. The Leary's visit Branson, MO {Titanic Museum} whaddup.
2. We found bunnies, well, Ruthie found bunnies. Post to follow.
3. The Leary's had a "just for fun" wedding shoot
 4. Warner has a birthday

5. We celebrate Mother's Day
6. Molly & Warner visit Auntie Em & Uncle Mike
7. We celebrate Father's Day
8. A bunch'a Spouses Club events happen
9. The Leary's go on Vacation {to Puerto Rico} - Post to follow
 10. We have our anniversary
11. Melissa has a wedding
12. We attend a bridal show AS/WITH Snazzylime :) See more photos of that: www.snazzylime.blogspot.com
13. Emily has her birthday - Michael got me the best necklace. (its his wings) And there was a pirate party in honor of September 19... National "Talk Like a Pirate Day" :)
14. Warner visits Auntie Em to see Thomas the Tank Engine {coming soon}
15. Something else cool

By all means... stay tuned.

Signing off, 

One Line A Day

July 12, 2012 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 10:55 AM
We have this book. I found it in a little online shop called ebay - maybe you have heard of it? I bought it offline for CHEAP last summer after seeing it in a little shop.  

Its a 5 year memory book.
The pages are the days.
And all the years are also on the page.

So, by the end of the year there should be a line on each page... then you go back to the beginning for the next year.

We have kept up with it so far... and if we can keep it up for 5 years, (fingers crossed) I think it will be just stupendous. These are the years that we may move, have babies, etc. It will be cute to see after 5 years what we did on all the 5 different January 1sts, February 14ths, & so on. :)

I hope I hope we can keep up with it. Its easy when you can write one line before bed instead of a journal page. Could be easier to do it when there is a babe around... one line might be all I can muster.

Heres hopin.

We Bought a Scale. Part 2.

May 24, 2012 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 12:12 PM
Hola mi amigos!

[Not so] Sadly... we did NOT follow through with the diet as mentioned here. Our somewhat preposterous summary listed below. And no, even though I was in a state of "hanger" unlike any I'd ever experienced before... I didn't kill Michael. He is still with us. :)

Day 1: We stuffed our faces full of melon and strawberries and other fruits. Yummy day, but along with drinking SO much water, it was torture. This was a breeze for Michael... he got to eat lots of pineapple!

Day 2: Got to eat a potato for breakfast this morning. Was just superb after all the sweetness yesterday. Cooked up some good veggies in the evening, and snacked on carrots and cucumbers during the day. Veggie day was the easiest for me. Michael wanted to die.

Day 3: We did this day with flying colors! #1000coolpointsforus!

Day 4: Each of us ate at least 1 banana today, and I love milk, so I did drink milk today. We did not keep to the diets specifics. We suck, we have no willpower when it comes to food. NONE.

Day 5: We thought the rules on this day were too crazy. Oops. Plus Michael had a flight and got to eat a pulled pork sammich. So I cheated too. I think this was the day we both threw in the towel. Should I even still be writing this? #minus1000coolpoints

Day 6: We did eat beef & veggies today. However, I had a dinner that evening and it would have been impolite to not eat what was in front of me. :) #100politepoints

Day 7: At this point we were both eating our veggies, (as directed) along with our other favorites. We have abandoned the diet.


This diet did help us though... we drink more water... we eat our veggies, and we have fruit in the house more often. Even before this diet I did drink milk like it was going out of style. Plus, I lost 3pounds, Michael lost 5. Ugh.

I took back the scale. I don't think it sends the right message.

-Kind&Queen Lear

Adventures in crafting.

May 15, 2012 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 5:59 PM
With another girls weekend thats full of crafts is fast approaching... I thought I would post some of my recent embarkings (sp) with craftiness a la pinterest. in January.

I embellished some plain-o black pumps, etched glass - yes, etched. Rachel did it too, its so cool! And won't come off! Finally we both made a cute as a button Initial thing. :)
I'm not sure what to do with the "22" but I think its cute, quirky (its our anniversary, we are calling it our family number, lol) But if I had to choose a number, for a jersey... you know if I played sports of any kind where it would be required, my number would be 101.

Of course I always have projects pending... larger ones at the moment. like refinishing a dresser, end tables, a buffet, our couch table. Never stop improving. #lowes.
-Queen&King Lear

We bought a Scale.

May 8, 2012 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 9:37 AM
Diets. Pshhh. Right?
Michael & I have both agreed to do this 7 day "cleanse/starve yourself" diet. Ala Pinterest. But we arent really starving ourselves. We eat as much as we want (of certain items) on certain days. But we drink so much water - we will be peeing constantly. Awesome.

Day 1: Fruit. You can eat as much fruit as you want. No bananas tho.
Day 2: Veggies. Unlimited. Must eat 1 potatoe specifically.
Day 3: Fruit & Veggies. No bananas, no potatoes.
Day 4: Bananas & Milk. Weird. Plus wonder soup if you care to consume it.
Day 5: 2 10oz portions of beef & 6 tomatoes. #whatthewhat?
Day 6: Beef & Veggies.
Day 7: Brown rice, Fruit juice, Veggies.

It basically is to reprogram your body to crave the things it needs. So, instead of craving a McDonalds cheeseburger, #mmmm I will crave the actual protein that my body needs from meat. Is there protein in mickydees meat?;) Or instead of throwing a few peanut m&ms down me gullet for sweets, I might pick up an orange, or a strawberry. See?

The diet says you can loose 10-17 pounds within the first week! Maybe, maybe not. Worth a shot - so we bought a scale and weighed ourselves, boy were we in for a surprise! OOh, neesh geet. *insert german accent here*

We also plan to take walks in the wonderful weather. Partly to have time to chat, and to keep our minds off queso, mac 'n' cheese, and on our fruit filled bellies! So, if I havent killed michael out of HANGRINESS. (the state of being so hungry you are angry) You will be reading a summary of how it went.

Before & after pictures aren't coming.
-King&Queen Lear


April 16, 2012 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 8:04 AM
As some of you read on my twitter (a while back)... Yes, I'm a twit. Follow me @queenlear. duh.

ANYWAY, I'm looking for a concealer to hide those "oh so embarassing, I'm too old for breakouts" breakouts, & of course the dreaded under eye circles that magically appear whether I get 2 or 12 hours of beauty sleep. Plus, since I've got Irish & English blood... I'm fair as a mo-fo. The flawless skin of those long lost Native American genes from yesteryear have been stamped right out of my family. Must be the Irish accents - Get'cha evra'time.

I got some good suggestions, most from drug stores & a couple others. I did a google search & came across this wonder: http://www.totalbeauty.com/content/gallery/p_best_concealers. I cant wait to try some. I like to go for the ones that are more consecrated, can use less, full coverage, & that lasts all day. I HATE REAPPLYING! Hate. So, I'm willing to pay a little extra. And by little I mean... $22 is my limit. I refuse to pay more unless its going to be on my face permanently.... #hmmidea

I've used:
  • Maybelline
  • Yellow & Nude Neutrogena (but i feel like I buy a lot cause it won't last)
  • Time Balm, more pricey, full coverage, doesn't last too long unless used with powder which contributes to the under eye circs.
  • Smashbox Photo Ready
What are you favorite make ups besides concealer? I love to try new things... #productjunkie

A good time was had by all.

February 24, 2012 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 7:19 PM
Since the weeks go by so fast in the month following Christmas. (always January) I am late on telling a few quick notes about the holidays here and in the lou. St. Lou. St. Louis. Saint LOUIE! #Youcanfindmeinstlouie.

We had a little dinner party here with a couple friends. I had a fun time decorating. loved loved loved my tree this year. Silver & gold, silver & gold.

Michael and I (yep-Michael and I!! he was home) drove into STL with wonderful weather, not a drop of rain, not a snowflake. We brought our coats, but hardly used em, and we had a great time with the family. *I hope one day, wherever we are... our families could meet in the middle and have the holiday - or go on a vacation or something.#isitwishfulthinking?

We were able to attend the annual cousin dinner this year! Grandma just loves it when we all are sitting around yelling at each other, drawing uni-brows on baby and the boys are throwing shoes. She just laughs, and laughs. We read the Christmas story, Grandma always tells a story about Grandpa that passed away, and has us all share a Christmas memory. A lovely time it twas.

 Little Warner got the coolest thing from Auntie Em and Uncle mike - a recliner! His size. Seriously, its so cute. Its even made from the old man fabric! I love it.

Another exciting thing on Christmas morn was that there was this minor upset in town. Its called a water main break!!! Not a minor upset at all! WE HAD NO WATER ALMOST THE WHOLE DAY. Isn't it nice to rinse your face, and brush your teeth in the morning or wash your hands after picking something up off the floor or feeding the dogs? Every last one of us Burns-Leary's enjoyed opening gifts with sticky hands and rank breath. NAAsty [incorporate true St. Louisan accent here]. The water seriously didn't come back on until an hour before we were supposed to have dinner!
Here are some other photos from the holiday season - including NEW YEARS EVE. We went to a movie... appropriately named, New Years Eve. And then went out for Sushi, then home to watch the ball drop. #partyanimals.

Happy NEW YEAR- and Happy VALENTINES day to all. Hopefully I will get better about posting in a timely manner. :)