Farm House

July 20, 2011 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 12:04 PM
A farm house in its simplest form is where animals are collected... Although I have collected 2 dogs, I DO NOT I repeat DO NOT collect animals. I want NO one dropping of a goat, pig, or a chicken. I will not take it.

All that being said... my house has become a safe haven of sorts for what I will call the neighborhood ecosystem. As you will see, we have a couple of birdie eggs in my hanging plant in the backyard, a cat loungin on the front porch, and a frog that faithfully guards the front of the house. Also, shortly after we moved in in 2009, we found a big black lab chillin in our backyard.
What is it about this house that does this?! I don't mind, I think it's kind of cute. But still... me being the least likely to ever live on an actual farm... why me?