A good time was had by all.

February 24, 2012 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 7:19 PM
Since the weeks go by so fast in the month following Christmas. (always January) I am late on telling a few quick notes about the holidays here and in the lou. St. Lou. St. Louis. Saint LOUIE! #Youcanfindmeinstlouie.

We had a little dinner party here with a couple friends. I had a fun time decorating. loved loved loved my tree this year. Silver & gold, silver & gold.

Michael and I (yep-Michael and I!! he was home) drove into STL with wonderful weather, not a drop of rain, not a snowflake. We brought our coats, but hardly used em, and we had a great time with the family. *I hope one day, wherever we are... our families could meet in the middle and have the holiday - or go on a vacation or something.#isitwishfulthinking?

We were able to attend the annual cousin dinner this year! Grandma just loves it when we all are sitting around yelling at each other, drawing uni-brows on baby and the boys are throwing shoes. She just laughs, and laughs. We read the Christmas story, Grandma always tells a story about Grandpa that passed away, and has us all share a Christmas memory. A lovely time it twas.

 Little Warner got the coolest thing from Auntie Em and Uncle mike - a recliner! His size. Seriously, its so cute. Its even made from the old man fabric! I love it.

Another exciting thing on Christmas morn was that there was this minor upset in town. Its called a water main break!!! Not a minor upset at all! WE HAD NO WATER ALMOST THE WHOLE DAY. Isn't it nice to rinse your face, and brush your teeth in the morning or wash your hands after picking something up off the floor or feeding the dogs? Every last one of us Burns-Leary's enjoyed opening gifts with sticky hands and rank breath. NAAsty [incorporate true St. Louisan accent here]. The water seriously didn't come back on until an hour before we were supposed to have dinner!
Here are some other photos from the holiday season - including NEW YEARS EVE. We went to a movie... appropriately named, New Years Eve. And then went out for Sushi, then home to watch the ball drop. #partyanimals.

Happy NEW YEAR- and Happy VALENTINES day to all. Hopefully I will get better about posting in a timely manner. :)