Seniors again.

August 23, 2011 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 8:18 PM

Lately we have been getting hungry around the same time as the senior citizens. (4:30 or 5) I'm pretty sure we've seen 50% of Edmond Oklahoma's AARP population in the last month. No, we do not head to the pillows by 9, nor do we stuff our faces again around then either. 

Tonight we tried a greek restaurant in Edmond, and the place was a ghost town. About the time we were done ordering, 5-6 gray-wrinkly lovelies hobble in behind us. We got some looks from one of the smaller ones, she was probably not used to seeing young people out at this hour... assuming we are all still sleeping from a party the night before. Or granted, she may have not seen me at all.

I have a feeling we will be invited to eat with these gray-wrinkly lovelies at some point in the near future. #hungry@thewrongtime.

-We have seen our future this day. Signed Queen&King Lear