EBL married a rockstar

September 1, 2011 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 8:40 AM
[Leary Log Fact: If you frequent this blog, you may have to endure some Military lingo. Don't worry, I don't know much, & plus I think some of the acronyms are made up. JK] 

Michael & a guy from his squadron [military word] have been getting to know each other this summer... they bonded over a couple geetars, an airplane & a radio. Since this friendship sparked Michael has been going on about participating in open mike nights, dinner party entertainment, etc. I have only seen Michael on stage in photos (oh, and one time @ karaoke). He was in an awesome band in college. Joshua's Wall.

Sidenote: I think their myspace page is still up, if you find it, listen to: "Live Like Love" and "1742" :) 

Back to blog. I write all this not only to share with you how awesome Michael is but to share with you THIS PHOTO! And tell you that I think I'm looking forward to open mike night as much as Michael, it will be fun to see him on stage rockin' out.

Looks like a rockstar, huh?
Signed, a groupie