August 22, 2011 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 8:14 PM

We're going on a staycation this year! For those of you wondering "What the heck is that?" I'm here to tell you that its something awesome. Because we didn't want to spend a buncha money & just lay on a beach (which would be nice but...) we decided on a staycation. Since when Michael is home he isn't really home, he either has watch hours, works late, or is on another flight we chose to do things around OKC!
Monday: White Water Bay with another couple from our Sunday School class. Water slides, long lines, the whole shebang.
Tuesday: Frontier City, OKC version of an amusement park.
Wednesday: Art Museum. "Passages" Exhibit. (which was detailing the journey of the Bible and how it got translated-all the way back to the Dead Sea Scrolls...the 400th anniversary of the KJ Version of the Bible. Interesting.) 
Thursday: Home day. Chill in the pool, I had a bridal event in the evening... good day.
Friday-Sunday: Dallas with another couple from our Sunday School class! A mini-vaca with: Farmers Market. Outlet malls. fancy eats. and a short visit with bestie, Rachel.
Monday: Rest day, & while I worked the evening shift Michael came for a massage.
Tuesday: Work day.... then Redhawks (minor league) game in the evening. It was a great game! The OK Redhawks had a come from behind WIN in the top of the ninth! Plus we had great seats, and it wasn't too hot! I love baseball.

Saturday: Shakespeare in the Park... #midsummernightsdream. This was awesome! I will probably go to this event again and again during the summers here! I went to a couple in STL, and couldn't wait to see the OKC version. And Michael even saw one of the characters from the play sitting in church on Sunday! How crazy?! We go to a pretty large church, so it was quite surprising that he spotted him. And of course Michael told him hello, and he was awesome the night before. :)

It was only supposed to last a week, but we spread our staycation out. :) We had a great time enjoying more of the city we have been living in for 2 years. You should try it sometime.

Signed, Stationery