August 3, 2011 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 2:11 PM


Do you remember when you were younger hearing that joyous jingle of the ICE CREAM TRUCK fade in and out of range while you are watching afternoon television? It stirs up a weird emotion... one mixed with child-like excitement, a pinch of nervousness, and plain ole hesitation. (Do I dare ask mom for another dollar?)

This is how the other night was for me. I was sitting on the floor, wrapping a couple presents for a party... between ribbon cuttin' and tape yankin' I hear it. I hear the jingle that makes ALL children flood the neighborhood streets with total disregard for traffic. I had turned into a child, my eyes widened, I jumped up, and asked Michael for a dollar. I DID NOT hesitate. (But I must say, nothing on the ice cream truck costs a dollar) He grabbed his wallet, and we headed out to the street.

Disclaimer: No children were harmed during the trip to the truck.  

We got our treats, chatted up the really sweaty ice cream man and snapped a photo. :) Michael got a bugs bunny treat with gumball eyes, and I got the classic chocolate chip cookie sandwich. MMMazing. That was $6 well spent; I told you nothing costs a dollar anymore. The Leary's had a nice time chillin and chewin' on a hot summer night.

Listening for the next jingle, Queen&King Lear