September 15, 2011 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 9:08 AM
Yes. This happened. We put both our dogs in the pool to see what they would do.  

Benny: Was pretty good, we think he liked being in there, but near me. He looks like he has webbed feet! I did strand him on the raft at one point, he gave me the evil eye the whole time. I don't think he will mind heading in there again. Sweet Benny boy.

Ruthie: She will swim - for survival only. She gave no passing thought to the fact that she was using my leg and Michael's as a springboard out of the pool. (which look pretty beaten up I must say) She just wanted out. She flug herself every which way to exit. Not cool, Ruth. Not cool.

It was kind of funny seeing em in there, we gave em baths that day and watched movies inside away from the heat - such a good day at home! Until next summer when we will force aquatic fun on them once again! (Yes, Leary pool school will be closing) I don't want summer to end... I just want the 100+ temperatures to stop! However, I'm looking forward to fall - crisp air, and jackets, and boots. :)

Makes me miss college. Ol' Olivet.

Signing off, Queen&King Lear