Twenty Minutes

September 13, 2011 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 10:56 AM
Extra time. What can be done? Should I rest? Eat? Clean? A quick errand?

What can I do with 20 extra minutes...
  1. Run to the bank to deposit some snazzy money. (Almost my favorite thing on the list)
  2. Pick up the house, aka a quick "toss it!" rampage. Michael gets nervous on these rampages.
  3. Wipe down the kitchen. (insert cleaning lady here - oh wait)
  4. Catch up on emails from the day
  5. Write tomorrows to-do list, (would take 5 minutes) Then 15 minutes of trying to remember the one thing I thought of earlier during the other thing that I had to do today. 
  6. Watch an already recorded episode of American Dad, these are so short its like a joke.
  7. Organize the laundry... to be started in the morning.
  8. Whip up dinner. (just me? Cereal and OJ. Michael too? Whatever we feel like eating, sometimes this means grapes, ice cream (B&J NY Super Fudge Chunk please) or some eggs or something else we can whip up in a jiffy - we are healthy eaters, can you tell?)
  9. Rock out to j.bieb in the tanning bed (and by rock, I mean literally dance or wiggle to the beat [of my heart] while I get bronzed)
  10. Go for a walk... with or without dogs.
Its ironic that I write about what to do with my frequently occurring 20 extra minutes, & its taken me about that long to write this. So, what would you do if you had 20 minutes?

Signed, Eager