All Shaken Up

September 8, 2011 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 8:43 AM

I had an experience. One of minimal significance-large scale. But none the less blog worthy. 

I tan at Riviera Tanning Spa... a deal, all types of beds, free spray tans, deals on lotions; the works. They also have this thing (above) called the beauty angel. Before I get to the funny part of my story, I will tell you the benefits of the beauty angel (almost direct text from a website):
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles & improves uneven skin tone
  • Lessens the effects of environmental influences 
  • Vibration therapy to stimulate body & create skin rejuvenation & muscle toning
Yesterday after work I head next door to tan. One of my friends had tried the beauty angel & said, (among other things) " should try it!" So the clerk tells me more about it. She spits out all the above & of course it sounds great... I'm excited. I ask her more about the vibration, I'm leery of this. She assures me it's quite mild, & I proceed into the capsule.

Soooo, I'm in. It starts. To the defense of the clerk, vibrations were mild, but I thought it was too mild. I amped it up. #dumb.move. BUT I was in the warm up phase... it only got worse!

Sidenote: Whilst in the capsule you are either naked, or in undergarments. You should be able to go in there with a snow suit-you don't wanna see what I saw. 

The "voice" tells you not to lock your knees, so I'm in there, holding on to the straps, all loose, and shakin' like crazy. Jiggle fest supreme. I keep telling myself, "dont look down. dont look down." AH! I looked down! NOOOO! In the red light, skin looks yellowish, & I can see & feel parts of my body shake that I didn't know COULD shake! Seriously. Mortifying, & it was JUST ME. I'm no longer friends with that girl. jk.

All shaken up, Queen Lear