September 23, 2011 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 7:40 PM
This details my most recent conversation with a Jack in the Box drive through worker. Many drive through conversations go by fast without any real significance, and quickly forgotten. Its entertaining when you get a... "lemon" so to speak. Let me set this up for you: Jack in the Box, Edmond. Emily. Michael is on the phone. Getting a late dinner.

Clerk: "Hi, What can I get for you today?" (so far so good)

Emily: "Hi, I would like a number 6, with a coke and curly fries." (reasonable answer to her question. I told her what I wanted with enough detail to propel me through the drive through lickety-split, or so I thought.) 

Clerk: (30 seconds later) "Okay, would you like the meal?"

Emily: "Yes, the number 6."

Clerk: "So, (drawn out and confused) you don't just want the sandwich? (insert laughter from Michael here)

Emily: "No, I would like the number 6 with a coke and curly fries."

Clerk: "Ok, what would you like to drink?"

Emily: "Coke." (now laughing. out loud. I'm sure she can hear me, but is oblivious)

Clerk: "Great. Would you like regular fries or curly fries?" (seriously?)

Emily: "Curly." (barely audible through my laughter and Michael's "oh my word." through the speaker phone.) 

So, ten minutes later I'm at the first window face to face with the "lemon," What do I do? I giggle on the inside and hand her my money. I move on to the next window - grab my bag - check and see if I do in fact have a "number 6 with a coke and curly fries." I do. That's all it took... 10 minutes and a friggin' game of 20 questions. Are you kidding me?

I can't wait til I to go back and have 2 orders.

Stumped, Queen&King Lear