We bought a Scale.

May 8, 2012 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 9:37 AM
Diets. Pshhh. Right?
Michael & I have both agreed to do this 7 day "cleanse/starve yourself" diet. Ala Pinterest. But we arent really starving ourselves. We eat as much as we want (of certain items) on certain days. But we drink so much water - we will be peeing constantly. Awesome.

Day 1: Fruit. You can eat as much fruit as you want. No bananas tho.
Day 2: Veggies. Unlimited. Must eat 1 potatoe specifically.
Day 3: Fruit & Veggies. No bananas, no potatoes.
Day 4: Bananas & Milk. Weird. Plus wonder soup if you care to consume it.
Day 5: 2 10oz portions of beef & 6 tomatoes. #whatthewhat?
Day 6: Beef & Veggies.
Day 7: Brown rice, Fruit juice, Veggies.

It basically is to reprogram your body to crave the things it needs. So, instead of craving a McDonalds cheeseburger, #mmmm I will crave the actual protein that my body needs from meat. Is there protein in mickydees meat?;) Or instead of throwing a few peanut m&ms down me gullet for sweets, I might pick up an orange, or a strawberry. See?

The diet says you can loose 10-17 pounds within the first week! Maybe, maybe not. Worth a shot - so we bought a scale and weighed ourselves, boy were we in for a surprise! OOh, neesh geet. *insert german accent here*

We also plan to take walks in the wonderful weather. Partly to have time to chat, and to keep our minds off queso, mac 'n' cheese, and on our fruit filled bellies! So, if I havent killed michael out of HANGRINESS. (the state of being so hungry you are angry) You will be reading a summary of how it went.

Before & after pictures aren't coming.
-King&Queen Lear