We Bought a Scale. Part 2.

May 24, 2012 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 12:12 PM
Hola mi amigos!

[Not so] Sadly... we did NOT follow through with the diet as mentioned here. Our somewhat preposterous summary listed below. And no, even though I was in a state of "hanger" unlike any I'd ever experienced before... I didn't kill Michael. He is still with us. :)

Day 1: We stuffed our faces full of melon and strawberries and other fruits. Yummy day, but along with drinking SO much water, it was torture. This was a breeze for Michael... he got to eat lots of pineapple!

Day 2: Got to eat a potato for breakfast this morning. Was just superb after all the sweetness yesterday. Cooked up some good veggies in the evening, and snacked on carrots and cucumbers during the day. Veggie day was the easiest for me. Michael wanted to die.

Day 3: We did this day with flying colors! #1000coolpointsforus!

Day 4: Each of us ate at least 1 banana today, and I love milk, so I did drink milk today. We did not keep to the diets specifics. We suck, we have no willpower when it comes to food. NONE.

Day 5: We thought the rules on this day were too crazy. Oops. Plus Michael had a flight and got to eat a pulled pork sammich. So I cheated too. I think this was the day we both threw in the towel. Should I even still be writing this? #minus1000coolpoints

Day 6: We did eat beef & veggies today. However, I had a dinner that evening and it would have been impolite to not eat what was in front of me. :) #100politepoints

Day 7: At this point we were both eating our veggies, (as directed) along with our other favorites. We have abandoned the diet.


This diet did help us though... we drink more water... we eat our veggies, and we have fruit in the house more often. Even before this diet I did drink milk like it was going out of style. Plus, I lost 3pounds, Michael lost 5. Ugh.

I took back the scale. I don't think it sends the right message.

-Kind&Queen Lear