214 Days: ORGANIZE!

October 28, 2012 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 2:40 PM

Right now... we're at the "where to next?" stage on the military life timeline. It's the ever looming uncertainty that's  unfortunate. I'm sure other military wives could vouch for that. For us this stage means we could go, or stay. For whatever May 2013 hold for us, I plan to get organized, and I hope to start now. We're open to moving, even though it would mean leaving our wonderful friends here but we're hopeful about what God has in store for us!

So, I've strapped myself into an organizing fiesta. Michael has never been more THRILLED. For those of you who don't know, that was sarcasm.

During these next 214 days (give or take a few for rest & Holidays, etc) I hope to have our things tidy so that moving won't be as big of a deal as its reputation lets on. I'm not naive. I know it'll be a big job no matter what; we've collected much over the past 3 years! I'd love to make it a teensy bit easier on us when / if the time comes. Plus, if we don't end up packin' up & headin' out, we'll have a newly purged & organized house! Its a win-win. Little things to do here & there, throwing stuff out, cleaning stuff, I can't wait! I will win my made up game. Don't judge me.

This will primarily be my project / game as throwing things away is one of my #favoritepasttimes. However, Michael will help when needed, better yet, when he's available. I think he secretly likes it too. Secretly. Shh.

Sittin. Waitin. Wishin.