October 4, 2011 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 6:59 AM
In recent days, I found yet another sumthin sumthin on Pintrest that I was dying to try! Homemade Dog Treats. I figured this would save us some money, so I did the math. Here it is:

One bag o' beggin strips or another type of treat with comparable amounts of treats, approx $4. And you get about half a bag of air, sometimes we tear the strips and get a lot more out of the bag, but for the posts sake, lets say, we have about 25 treats for 4 buckaroos. Yes?

Homemade dog treats: Total cost: $12.50
Applesauce $1.50
Olive Oil (already on hand) less then 50 cents, so $.50
Milk (already on hand) less than 50 cents, so $.50
Coconut $3
Oats $3
Organic Peanut Butter $4
Flour & Baking Powder (already on hand) - less then 50 cents, so $.50

Turns out my recipe, makes 90 treats. 90. I can make treats 3 more times with the stuff already bought, I will have to replenish say the PB but nothing else (small quantities of the ingredients, see). Thats 360 treats for approx: $16.50 (having replenished the PB)

360 treats at 4 bucks for 25.... $57.60 really? and the dogs love the PB! I'm never going back.

Signed, Savin.
-Queen&King Lear