a long long time ago.

October 7, 2011 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 2:34 PM
we have magazines in our bathroom.
one day, while i was doing my business I was browsing.
i was flipping through a hallmark magazine.
i found this:

it says,
"Ten Things We Love About Fall"
  1. It's the perfect time to celebrate the end of swimsuit season with a big cookie.
  2. Oh look...the hills got all dressed up.
  3. It's OK to shave your legs every other day.
  4. Snugglier pants then corduroys have yet to be invented.
  5. Pumpkin is some sort of vegetable, right? So, that makes pumpkin pie health food, right?
  6. Listen. Do you hear that? That's the sound of quiet after the kids go back to school.
  7. Touch football makes everyone feel like an athlete.
  8. The Christmas catalogs are here! Time for the credit cards to come out of hibernation.
  9. Half of a powdered donut is just the right size to dunk in a mug of coffee. Science triumphs again!
  10. Only you know that your toenails are polished in your very favorite color." -Bill Gray
isn't it great?
this magazine was from 2004.
that was before i graduated HS.
apparently there was something in this magazine i wanted to save.
i will keep it still.
and we need to update the magazines in the basket.
ah, fall.
this weather makes me want to take up a hobby.
or do more crafty things. #thankyoupintrest
maybe i will take up underwater basket weaving.
or something else.