A trend in the making.

January 16, 2012 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 11:30 AM
Michael has this thing he does with my gifts. He likes to make me work for em. He has done this 2 of our 3 Christmases together, and he videotapes it.

Christmas 2009: I knew I was getting my bow ring from Zales, but I opened a couple other things and still it was nowhere, I figured it was in my stocking. Nope. Then Michael whips out the camera and points to the tree. He tells me I'm so close...

Christmas 2011: I had found this wonderful bag at the Coach store when in STL, so of course I sent a picture of it to Michael. It was WAY too much, but I figured if we waited we'd find it online for less. Now, this would be my ONLY gift if I were to get it. And Michael asked me multiple times if I wanted just the bag or other things. I said that we shouldn't spend the money and he said he sensed the disappointment in my voice. But I could wait, so we were good.

It came time to celebrate our Christmas together and I had 4 gifts under the tree. Opened my first gift.... empty box. Michael opens his super cool Penn State golf towel. I open my second gift...sex stuff, condoms. No thank you. (at this point I'm getting mad, saying things like "this Christmas blows" and "I'm taking your stuff back") Michael opens his super cool sweater, I open my second empty box. Michael proceeds to open his third and fourth gifts. He whips out the video camera. This is what happened....

I really didn't think he got the bag - he usually listens to me when I tell him things. :) I could get used to this. Looks like I'll have to!