Inspiration needed.

October 17, 2011 - Posted by Queen&King Lear at 2:26 PM
Not so long ago... I mentioned in a post that I would post some pictures for inspiration.

This is ONE of the side tables I'm working with. (I have 2) I'm fishing for some creative color choices, and/or ideas for these. Isn't it cute?! I see such potential. Even cuter for $45 bucks for the pair. (auction) We really need to find an auction here in Oklahoma... I can't wait to once again wave my little white flag (or paddle) in solid NON SURRENDER!

Any cute photos you have found online or from diggin deep in your creative minds would be nice too. I'm planning to start in January with the refinish. Looking forward to hearing your ideas. :) I also snagged these four lovelies (below) a couple weekends ago at a garage sale in my neighborhood. AWESOME. A little leather conditioner is all they need.  :) They are now in my kitchen.